There are two types of mindsets

  1. Growth mindset – which sees challenges as opportunities for growth.
  2. Fixed mindset – which is not ready to accept the challenge.

What kind of mindset do you possess?

Fixed or Growth

“Fixed mindset” people often shy away from taking challenges and trying new things in life, which restricts their growth as they fear getting embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. In contrast, in the “Growth mindset” people find challenges to be exciting and engaging, with a belief that they will learn something valuable from their experiences. They take efforts to master the challenge, and then are able to move on to a greater accomplishment. Developing a growth mindset could contribute to a more meaningful life as the range of experiences will be considerably broader. However, shifting from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset” may seem daunting, but worth a try! At times some challenges could even make one switch from a Growth mindset to a fixed one.

Can we shift from Fixed to Growth? The Answer is – Yes. Maybe with a bit of professional help at times. However, one could do it on one’s own if you follow some of the tips given below.

Handy tips:

  • Accept your flaws
    No one is born perfect, we all have our imperfections. In order to move one should accept the flaws, and work over it rather than try to justify.
  • Take a challenging situation as an opportunity 
    Getting terrified makes things worse, shift the gear immediately and see a different perspective. Each challenge invites us into a new world of adventure. Keep trying different tactics to coach yourself, explore a new path, develop a new skill, engage with people not only of the same likes but also who is pursuing other interests. It helps to open many more doors rather than hanging around people of same interest. Any adventure, becomes exciting when you put your heart and soul to it. If you carry the same adventurous attitude with a crisis at work, you can discover abilities you didn’t know you even possessed.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and words
    Thoughts leads to words which leads to action. Censor yourself and become your own guide. To build a growth mindset, replace:
    -low thoughts with energetic one,
    -Negative thoughts with Positive one,
    -hatred with compassion,
    -criticism with appreciation,
    -cursing thoughts with forgiveness.
    -Encompass yourself with higher thoughts and hold yourself to it.
  • Trust your Gut 
    You are the only person who will always be there for you in your life, so you are the only one you need to impress.Always seeking approval from others can prevent a growth mindset. Learn to trust your gut, and cultivate self acceptance and self -approval. You will not be left in doubt. 
  • Be the authentic you 
    If you are in your true self, you would rarely be questioned. Pretending to be someone than who you are, makes you appear fake. It shows off in some way or the other. Initially you might be lucky to impress, and as the time goes on, your masked face may be reflected and it diminishes what you have to offer. So, always be in your own real colours, you’ll likely be more driven to pursue your true goals, which puts you in a growth mindset.
  • Lead life with purpose
    Life without purpose is like a driver without a car. For some, defining their purpose may be easy, the one who find it difficult should contemplate on “purpose” until you feel like you know the essence of your purpose, or perhaps part of it. Then pursue it—that’s what’ll help you build a growth mindset.
  • Explore your “geniuses” 
    We are a package of strengths and weaknesses. Run through a self-analysis and explore what are you good at, and at the same time improve on your weaknesses. Self-reflection and contemplation are your best guide. This effort can help you build a growth mindset.
  • Accept criticism as a gift to transform
    Criticism may not always be bad, if you see it from a growth mindset makes things better. Others can see what you are doing from a slightly different perspective than you, and may have some valuable suggestions for you. If you open up to hearing suggestions, you can more easily develop your growth mindset.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others as well as your own
  • Observe your surroundings, and not just be a robot. If u analyze and learn from others, the way they do things, you are likely to make fewer mistakes. This would come as a guide to you to do try new things, which is a key aspect of building a growth mindset. You stumble, you get up and are prepared better. Remember, it’s the journey that matters, not the destination – So, keep innovating!
  • Take risks in the company of others
    Fear is the biggest hurdle in one’s progress. Making mistake in front of others is worth a try than not trying at all. Be willing to make mistakes in front of others, because if you’re growing, this is bound to happen.
  • Speed
    It’s not always the speed that matters. Most of the time its slow and steady that wins the race. People who have growth mindset never look for a shortcut and have a realistic approach in their journey.
  • Own your attitude
    Finally, if you value having a growth mindset, then make the effort to develop it. Persist and opportunities will come. Cultivate resilience along the way. You are remoulding your mind and that’s a pretty interesting. At the end, its the journey that matters more than just the end result. So, always have the right attitude and a belief to overcome any hurdles that comes your way. You are bound to achieve success.

Our basic abilities can be developed and improved through dedication and hard work. It’s just that without a growth mindset, we don’t exert the required effort and so we remain perpetually stuck. With a growth mindset, we can break through the stuck- ness and achieve the results we desire, whether that be at work, in our relationships,or in other aspects of our lives. If you are stuck somewhere…what are you waiting for… just come out of your comfort zone and shift the gear from “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset”
Author: Neetu Jaiswal


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