Capt. Sachin Kamble

Leadership Mentor & Facilitator

Master Mariner |MBA|LMI Licensee Mumbai

Capt. Sachin Kamble is a Maritime Industry professional with over 25 years of diverse global experience. He has been in various leadership roles that includes Operations & Risk Management, Crisis & Stakeholder Management, Competency Management & Development. More than two decades of Mariner’s experience in a resource constrained environment gives him a unique leadership perspective. He is an LMI approved Mentor and Facilitator with the truly unique developed processes that magnify potential and build leadership capability . His passion for business & Organization and interest in People development brings him onboard with Nevoxel as its empanelled Mentor & Facilitator. With various LMI programs & tools he facilitates and helps Individuals & Organisations to bridge the gap between Potential and Performance , Intent and Execution by showing how one should evaluate  organisations/individuals strengths  & opportunities and use those insights to maximise achievement.

Qualifications –

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Nautical Science ( Master Mariner ) as well as a Global Executive MBA from Olin Business School & IIT