Employee development through effective assessment of needs and imparting Training Programs is considered as one of the most important interventions to build Organizational Capability.

At Nevoxel, we associate with highly acclaimed Trainers to provide an unparalleled knowledge-imparting experience to our Clients. We provide training which encompasses essential Life Skills tailored for your Organization. We provide training & transformational development in the following areas:

Appearance Management

  • Creating powerful and lasting 'First Impressions' at the Interview level.
  • Enhancing personal and professional growth while transitioning to Senior Managerial, Sales, and Leadership positions by working together on a 'Personal Branding' Strategy.

Leadership Skills

  • Addressing all aspects around Building, Leading & Inspiring successful Individuals and Teams.

Behavioral Skills

  • Interpersonal skills such as Relation building, Self & Stakeholder Management Skills

Sales Skills

  • Addressing skills imperative in the Sales/Business Development process and in the Management of Sales Teams & Individuals.

Executive/ Leadership coaching

  • Confident, effective leaders are paramount to the success of peak-performing organizations. Our Leadership coaches work towards turning the average performers into effective leaders with a robust process to facilitate those changes. That’s where we excel with collaborative & individualized battle-tested unique transformational programs to help bridge the gap between Potential & performance Intent & Attainment.

Performance coaching

  • Co-creating paths to enhance productivity & effectiveness towards excellence.

Life coaching

  • Focused on various aspects of life, be it work, sport, relations, change & transitions or other specific life situations. Exploring potential in the personal space and choosing a course to make life what one desires it to be.

The actions and attitudes of leaders drive performance in several ways. Transformational leadership fosters a culture of empowerment and inclusion engages employees and builds high-performing, agile teams which are more important for steering growth. Nevoxel Training & transformational development team works closely and helps companies shape the leaders to drive change in the organization.