At present, the world’s largest and experienced country with plateau and mountain troops is neither the US, Russia, nor any European powerhouse, but India," Huang Guozhi, senior editor of Modern Weaponry magazine, wrote in an article published by China’s thepaper.cn on Tuesday, June, 09, 2020.

The rare praise from Chinese side came amidst the border standoff of India with Chinese. Now,we have a fair idea of the skirmishes along the LoAC, but this statement by the Chinese side again highlights a very crucial and critical aspect of a country and an organization- HUMAN RESOURCE.

Today, Chinese military is considerably mightier than that of India. Chinese military is also better equipped than their Indian counterpart. Also, over a course of time, China has developed the infrastructure (including road, bridges etc.) along the LoAC on their side. Given these factors, it is astonishing that Indian military is able to push back the Chinese, from Indian territory. What was that magical ingredient that worked for Indian side? The answer lies in the first line of the article itself. This whole episode highlights the importance of a smart, welltrained employee.

Today’s environment is experiencing heavy competition and emergence of using technology to aid innovation and agility in operations to grow and sustain the growth. In this scenario, well trained and competent workforce are the key differentiating factors for an organisation for sustained growth which is reflected by the war for talent among organisations across the world. However, it also pertinent that the talented employees are consistently upskills and reskilling themselves to raise their competence as the new currency of the world could well be the “competent talent”.

Progressive organisations are constantly evolving new means and measures for selecting the best available talent from all parts of the world as organisations are becoming boundaryless in the global village concept. In the recent times, organisational focus is getting tilted to emotional intelligence and learning orientation of employees while selecting the candidates who display definitive amount of domains expertise. It is no longer the knowledge only scenario prevails for candidate selection or growth in the organisation.

So, what is expected from the future employers? The ability of the potential candidate to unambiguously exhibit characteristics of a collaborative working individual having a high degree of learning capability. Getting an entry into progressive and organisations which are privy to investing in people hence require “right aptitude to learn and right attitude to work”.

This new norm leaves organisation and employees to plan and engage in defining and executing a learning journey for an employee once one moves in. While honing the skills are required for beneficial continuance of employee employer relationship, the onus lies very much with the employee as providing a conducive environment is what an organisation can dream and provide. Specialists can partner with organisations to design and manage the learning journey from a transformation perspective enabling organisations to become talent differentiators.

As the adage goes, “we can take the horse to the water, but cannot make it drink”. If you need to have edge over other potential candidates in job search, you need to act not once but consistently.

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